Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, They'll Name 'Em Anything These Days

As I sat in my car at a red light, I glanced out of my window and noticed something that made me laugh: Negotiator.

Of all things, this is what some tire company decided to name a model of their tire: NEGOTIATOR

Really? Negotiator?

Frankly, the last thing I want my set of tires to do is "negotiate" while I am driving. I would like my tires to negotiate as few times as possible, thank you very much.

I can only imagine my dialogue with a set of Negotiators . . .

Come on, tire buddies, we've got a large, snowy hill to climb without any guard railing. I hope you can make some decent negotiations with the road so I don't die! Thanks, Negotiator Tires!

Yeah, I think I'll get a set of DOMINATORS or PUNISHERS before I get a set of Negotiators, that's for sure.

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