Friday, September 7, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Slew of Random Photographs

A bunch of random pictures taken over the past couple of years. All of these were taken with a Canon AE-1, Film Camera.
Happy as can be.Timmy boy and Robb
Christie with her bug glasses
Some old school spacesuit in LA
Jeremy in the only phone booth in Nuevo
Caleb lookin' like a serial killer
Levi NCC
Jeff Holm at a pool party
My hunny in Nuevo
Jeremy and Shelbi at the Temecula CRC
Sheep being a sheep
Tony Ramsey's jacked up back
Adrian lookin' all Fight Club
Cowboy Maude at Showcase
Lovey at USC
Levi in a vintage store in Pomona
Sheep Safari
Brothers in the vintage store
Joseph Bag in front of the Orphanage
Van Liew hangin' outside of Long's
Van Liew feasting in my house
Fat Jame preparing for the orphanage smash
ISH silhouette
Doing what she does best
My hand (artsy fartsy)
Ish, Jicky, Robb, and Jeremy. Also, that random kid.
Phil Smith's dog
Nicole's dog
Kathy's retarded dog
Dayna Flash
Some cool kid at a skateparkShe hates me
Sean Carter and Alex at Displace Me
Caleb and Bud before Winter Camp
Looking like a rapist
Bube salivating
Mini Bube at the Temecula CRC
Jeremy's hand, Christie's hand
Balboa Park
Andy Duncan
Mini Bube NCC
Mini again
ISH Balboa Park
My Love in Riverside

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