Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inventions That Made Progress Possible

All right, here we are, it's 1902, and I work at this publishing company in Brooklyn, NY. It's the middle of Summer. The humidity and heat is causing my prints and lithographs to smudge and smear. When all of a sudden....

This dude named Willis Carrier walks into the shop and says, "Hey, I've created this cooling system that will help control the temperature and humidity of this little shop you got. Everything will be great." And everything was great. Our prints looked great. The shop felt great. Carrier was onto something big, good and big.

He put these air conditioning units in movie theaters, and big business buildings that were dreadfully hot. Continuing to revolutionize the system, Carrier's invention became more and more affordable. The big cats began enjoying them in their homes. Luxury became more luxurious. Soon enough, after the big war, middle class America couldn't live without it.

This led to a mass migration to the Sunbelt and the Southwest. People were actually able to live and produce in a factory setting now without literally melting. How wonderful. Some guys started playing around with silicon and computers were born. But you know what, the computer age would be absolutely impossible had Carrier not brought in the AC System. There needs to be complete control of environment when building computers and their very delicate, heat-sensitive components.

Here I sit, typing on a computer, reading unsmudged ink on a newspaper, living in Southern California with Summer right around the corner. I am looking up at an air duct that brings cool, pleasant air into my home. I might get in my car later and drive with the luxury of air conditioning.

Thanks, Willis. I am super appreciative.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Skepticism is a beautiful curse. It is an employer of reason. It is a motivational tool for discovery, enlightenment, and clarification.

I am going to drink some Reed's Ginger Beer and read some Steinbeck now.

There is seriously a...

There is seriously a plague of butterflies in my city right now, attacking my car. listen

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Monday, April 21, 2008

A small soda is not...

A small soda is not what a small soda used to be. listen

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cheap Baseball Caps

A retard will always take the opportunity to rip free the little attaching device on the back of those cheap baseball caps. You know, the unfitted variety a boy gets when he plays ball for the local little league Pirates. The Pirates aren't the "rich team." They don't get McDonald's cheeseburgers and sodas for the post-game snack. They get orange slices and cheap, generic juice boxes. They don't have the cool dad/coach who pitches in and buys the whole team mesh jerseys and fitted hats. They wear the cotton, screenprinted T-shirts made into makeshift jerseys. They don't practice hitting at the batting cages with the arcade games and bumper cars. They practice at the elementary school where the bermuda grass is yellowed and patchy, and the infield thrashed. They don't go to the pizza parlour to celebrate each victory. They celebrate in the parking lot and talk about the good plays while eating turkey sandwiches. Their coach doesn't freak out when a player drops the ball or swings strike three. Their coach claps his hands and encourages the dugout to do the same. The Pirates got last place. The Pirates had fun. A retard will always take the opportunity to rip free the little attaching device on the back of those cheap baseball caps.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yes. I hate jury dut...

Yes. I hate jury duty. listen

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The girl on the corner...

The girl on the corner dressed up as the income tax statue of Liberty makes me laugh, but she also makes me want to get my taxes done. listen

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I am just sitting here...

I am just sitting here in my room. It is a beautiful Saturday morning. Okay. I just wanted to try out Jott. Bye. listen

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008


The air solidified into a thick mass. All around me, oily sludge. My lungs filled. Heavy. The heaviest air I have ever felt surrounding and entering my body. Pulled through my teeth. Swimming through my nasal passage. Lining my stomach walls. Permeating. Pulsing. Pervading. An overwhelming pressure pushed on my brittle frame. My eyelids opened and shut slowly. Sweat struggled to break free of my pores. Muscles locked. Jaw clamped. Skin cold. I realized that. . .

The pressure lifted. The air returned. In and out of my lungs, I breathed in the newness.

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