Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've Got It All

I drove a vehicle over 30 miles in less than an hour, comfortably and with music.
I came home to a house with an open door.
I walked on a carpeted floor.
I flipped a switch and had instant light.
I opened the closet to find more than three blankets.
I grabbed three pillows; I could have grabbed more.
I looked in the refrigerator and found so much food that a lot of it was expired.
I had a choice of five couches to rest on.
I turned on the television and browsed through more channels than anybody would ever need.
I used a remote control.
I drank bottled water.
I received a telephone call on my cellular phone.
I ran to my own personal room and grabbed a fresh pair of socks.
I went on my own computer, checked my e-mail and browsed the internet.
I put my electric guitar in the corner next to my bed.
I wrote this in my blog.
I am the most fortunate person in the universe.

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