Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Neighbor Jim

Jim moved in to the neighborhood in the year 2005 with his frail, old mother.
Jim's mother passed shortly thereafter.
Jim was left to the four-bedroom house all alone.
Jim has never been married.
Jim is in his late sixties now.
Jim likes pianos--player pianos, that is.
Jim bought multiple player pianos of all different ages and sizes and makes.
Jim filled the house with these pianos.
Jim listens to these pianos play ragtime tunes every day.
Jim believes rock music is absolutely horrible.
Jim thinks rap and hip hop is even more dreadful.
Jim has a lot of time to dwell on things he hates.
Jim sits by his front window for most of his day.
Jim prides himself on being a major contributor to the "Neighborhood Watch" program.
Jim has four cars--two in the garage, and two in his driveway.
Jim habitually moves these cars out of the garage and driveway and parks them momentarily in the street.
Jim finds routine in this daily task.
Jim takes his sedan out and makes up a reason to drive to the nearest city.
Jim gets out of the house this way.
Jim eagerly waits for five o' clock p.m. so that he can stand in his front yard and hand-water his lawn.
Jim waves down passersby as they stroll past his street address painted on his curb.
Jim enjoys making his opinions known to his neighbors.
Jim watches the news on channel 7 and likes to start conversations by saying, "Did you hear about . . ."
Jim dyes his graying hair jet black, almost purple (but I don't think he knows it).
Jim sometimes rides his bike, a shiny, red cruiser.
Jim rides his bike to the mailbox nearly 50 feet from his home.
Jim places the mail in a basket fixed onto the bike.
Jim enjoys being snoopy on his bike and subtly peering into other's lives as he pedals.
Jim hates his young next door neighbors.

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