Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Don't They Put a Crosswalk Here?

I feel like I am on one side of the information highway. Yep. I am just standing here, a pedestrian waiting for my chance to cross to the other side. It's busy. Traffic is flowing. All I can see is the stream of information flowing as a single mass. Crossing seems impossible. It's easy to see this information. I mean it's right in front of me, presenting itself to me at an extraordinarily rapid and convenient rate. But it's hard to think for myself. It's hard to find mental stillness when I am standing on this side of the information highway. It's hard to think an original thought when I am stuck on this side of the information highway. It's easy to become an information slave. It's easy.

Okay, I am going to go out and learn something from the dirt.

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Kristin Michelle said...

dirt is one of my favorite teachers. sometimes i like it so much, i store a bit under my nails to take home with me and look at later. I also secretly like getting a bit of sand in my mouth and chewing on whatever it has to tell me for a while...

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