Monday, August 25, 2008

I Called You, Fool!

Also, I am not sure what it means to be "called" to do something. And how does one know that a calling is legitimate? That can be both beautiful and scary. Are impulses callings? Are impulses to be trusted all the time? Do you answer calls all the time? I sure as heck do not. Especially on my cell phone! Just kidding, but really, this confuses me.

Write something if you have any input. I'd love to hear it.


T.S.B. said...

No wonder you never answer the phone, the whole process is a philosophical dilemma for you.

JeffreyLocke said...


Jamie Simko said...

God told me to marry her, so when it didn't work out... you guessed it, it was GOD'S FAULT!

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