Thursday, August 21, 2008

Foolish Wisdom

Sometimes, the most foolish decisions are wonderful. Yesterday, Fat Jame, Jer, and I all decided to make a "quick" bike ride to Perris and back. So, we sat in the garage and spent at least an hour just messing with our bikes, tuning little things and tweaking gears, and then we took off. Since we have lived around here for our whole lives, you would think we understood the flora and fauna of Nuevo and that we would wisely assume the terrible tribulus terrestris, or sticker plants, would probably give us flat tires. We didn't. Our whole childhood of having this happen to us and we still moved forward without a portable pump, slime, extra tubes, or tools. We barely brought anything but a couple of water bottles, and luckily, my wallet. So, anyway, we made it to Perris no problem, but the damage had already been done. Thorns found their way into Jeremy's thin, skin-like road bike tires and that was that. We assessed the situation, and decided that Jamie and I would ride to the nearest Auto-Zone and buy some slime since the gas station had air. We did that, and thought all was well. Jeremy slimed up his tires, and filled them up. We even said "Hey, we should probably ride around the gas station a few times after we slime these tires to make sure they hold air long enough for the ride back home." We didn't and we knew better. Jeremy got barely a quarter of a mile down the street before he was completely flat again. We just gave up and started walking with our bikes down the street hoping somebody would drive by and either a) laugh at us or b) pick us up and save us. As we were walking, I realized that we had learned a lot about ourselves, and lessons couldn't help but embed themselves deep in our brains. Sometimes, the only way you can really, really, really learn something is by failing foolishly. I enjoyed the walk, though. Luckily, there was a breeze, and we had each other's company. When we got by Nuevo Ranch, Tony Nunez graciously saved us, picked us up in his truck, and brought us home. We then made a bunch of fish tacos and Keaton and Phylicia were at the house with their cute as heck kid. Fun times.

Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.


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