Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Lenny

"Lenny, I wish you would wear your black shoes with that. Those white shoes are so tacky. And the blue shirt--you look so handsome in blue, Lenny. Red makes me feel like you are mad at me. Daddy always came home in red. No red, Lenny. Please change into that blue shirt. Plus, you have those big, blue eyes, Lenny. Oh, you get me every time-- No, no, don't put on that belt. You aren't a cowboy, Lenny! That belt buckle is ridiculous. Are you trying to look poor? Here you go. This will look better. Ah, black, clean. You are such a gentleman! Make sure you shave, Lenny. My parents don't like an unshaven man. Here's the tie I want you to wear. Do you want me to put it on? I hate it when you make the knot too wide. It makes you look proud and your neck is too short. You need to make the knot tidy so that your neck looks longer. I'll do it. Lift up your chin. Ah, that is more like it. The complete package you are, dear. You dress yourself so well. Oh, Lenny, I forgot, you need to shave first! Take that tie off. Why didn't you shave right after you got out of the shower? I know. I know. I kicked you out of the bathroom when you got out. Sorry, Lenny. But you need to shave real quick. You can't have that dirty neck beard. Go ahead, but hurry. We are already running late as it is. Five o' Clock?! Oh, no, Lenny. I told my parents I would meet them in 10 minutes. I will take the white car right now and can I trust you to meet me up with us at, say, 5:30? Lenny, please, you need to be there on time. Shave, and put your clothes on. That's it. Do you remember how I tied the knot? Not too wide, please. I love you."

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