Friday, June 27, 2008

Google Maps is the Best. True That. Double True.

I remember when I used to pour Elmer's glue on my hands, rub it all over, and then let it dry. I would then peel it off like I was a snake shedding its skin. Actually, a lot of kids did that during elementary school, during a class project. The teacher would get pissed. In middle school, the glue-on-hands act became less frequent. The kids who still did it were pretty freaky, or dirty, or both. In high school, even more so. I haven't seen anybody do it in college. At least not yet. I guess that is because colleges don't give students cool class projects involving a lot of glue. I didn't mean to blog about glue. I just noticed a glue stick sitting on my desk and it sparked this stream of thought.

Anyway, Tim Bagdanov is getting married tomorrow. Dave Schlegal proposed not too long ago. Keaton is already married. Getting older and I can't even imagine getting married in the next 7-10 years. Not even close. I am stoked for my friends, though.

Google Maps is the most insane thing ever. The new "street view" option is scarily incredible.

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