Saturday, April 21, 2007

Homeless King

This is the classic "Homeless King" shot taken by Jeremy.

So, Friday was pretty sweet. I went to an individual conference with my professor to discuss my grade. She ended up saying, "Well, I think you know what you got..." and I said, "I hope for an A." She replied "just write at the bottom: "Hope = A." Coolest professor ever. I am relieved to know at least one of my classes is over.

Later that evening, in the pouring rain, Paladores got ready for our show down at the Anthem (The New Grove Church) in Riverside. We opened up the place and had all sorts of "420" festivities, just kidding, but after we played, I just wasn't feeling well, so I got some food and went home. Maude and company called me while I was resting and said they needed keys to the church, so I went down there and they convinced me to go to Robb's to play Guitar Hero. They all shred and I suck, so I went and watched Ali G episodes with Jeremy all night. That show is one of the funniest shows out there. I got tired, went home, and had a hearty conversation with my cutie for the remainder of the early morning.

Now, I have worship practice.



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